If you have ever been disqualified from a race for cheating of any kind, including course cutting or doping, you are NOT welcome at The Fort Clinch 100. If you have ever been convicted of doping and served a ban, you are NOT welcome at Fort Clinch.

Registration is $165 for the 100 mile, $100 for the 50 mile. Registration is open on!

There is a hard cap of 100 runners. There are absolutely NO REFUNDS for any reason. Please keep this in mind when you sign up if you think you may not make it to the race.

Please be aware that you will be required to bring a signed copy of the waiver to the race check-in. You will not be allowed to participate in this event unless this waiver is signed and turned in. Pacers and crew will be required to sign this waiver as well. Any registered participant, pacer or runner crew member caught on the race course without having first signed and turned in this waiver will be asked to leave the park immediately.

Liabilty Waiver

Qualifying Standards for Participation in the Fort Clinch 100

Completion of any of the following within 12 months of before registering:

  • Any official 100+ mile foot race, including stage races such as the Racing the Planet series or Grand to Grand Ultra, completed under the respective races specified cut-off time.
  • Any official 50 mile foot race in 14 hours or less.
  • Any official 100k foot race in 17 hours or less.
  • Any official 12hr foot race with at least 50 miles completed.
  • Any official 24hr foot race with at least 80 miles completed.
  • Any official full Iron distance (140.6 miles) or greater (such as Epic Man or Ultra Man) triathlon under the respective races cut-off times.

There are no qualifying times for the 50 mile, but it is best to at least be in marathon shape.

All results must be available online at the time of applying to participate in the Fort Clinch 100.

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