Caleb Wilson
Llama Running Company, LLC

18 Responses to Contact

  1. ultrallama says:

    Hey Sean, there are no qualifying standards for the 50 mile. Best to at least be in marathon shape, though. I apologize for not having the info on the registration tab. It has been updated!

  2. Sean Bader says:

    Does the 50 mile race have qualification standards in order to race?

  3. TJ Grady says:

    Hey Caleb, looking forward to race! Will crew/pacers be able to enter and leave the park after normal hours(sunset). Just trying to work logistics with those who will be running, ahem, shuffling with me late into the night. Got a hotel outside, just don’t want to make them wait around all day if they don’t have to. Thanks! TJ

  4. Scott Brock says:

    Can coolers be used as “drop bags”?

  5. Tommy Hawthorne says:

    Sounds good, just want to reserve a spot to slap up a tent for the family Friday and Saturday night. I’ll check back in later. Thanks

  6. ultrallama says:

    Howdy Tommy,

    For the normal “RV” camp sites in the Beach Camp and River Camp, you’ll need to go to Reserve America. For tent camping we have been given the youth camp area. For that I need to clarify a couple things with the park service first, but most likely if you plan to use that option you’ll just reserve through me.

  7. Tommy Hawthorne says:

    Hey Caleb, do you have a number for reserving a campsite? Thanks

  8. ultrallama says:

    We have about 40 people registered so far.

  9. ultrallama says:

    Howdy Chip! Total race cap is 100 runners. There is no specific cap for the 50 or 100 individually.

  10. Chip Norman says:

    What is the max number of entrants for the 100 miler? Just need an idea of how long I have to register before the race is full. This one looks awesome! Thanks

  11. ultrallama says:

    Done and did, my friend ;]

  12. ultrallama says:

    Dan, results can be found on

  13. Dan Crockett says:

    Where can I find the 2013 results?

  14. I’m doing this one for the mug. so please. pretty please

  15. ultrallama says:

    The beer mugs aren’t a sure thing. Will depend on how many people actually register. But yes, if I’m able to get them, all finishers will receive a mug.

  16. Mark Tanaka says:

    Will 100 mile finishers also get a beer mug?

  17. ultrallama says:

    There will likely be a 50 miler later in the year. There will be, however, a nice consolation prize (probably a nice beer mug) for anyone who reaches at least 50 miles in less than 15 hours, when they DNF after 50 miles or not.

  18. Lara says:

    Will you be having a 50 mile option on March 30, or will there be a 50 mile race on the same course on a different date? Thanks!

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