The course is 10ish mile loops. Strava overview can be found here:

There are 4 aid stations:

1. Race Headquarters, Main Aid Station and Start/Finish Line- This area will be in the parking lot by the former fishing pier. Aid station will consist of:

  • Water
  • Sports Drink: Tailwind Nutrition
  • Electrolyte capsules
  • Gels: VFUEL Endurance
  • Bananas and oranges
  • PBnJ sandwiches
  • Soup after dark
  • cookies and various candy
  • Any other typical ultra food I cant think of to provide.
  • Portolet toilets. There are also restrooms on the fishing pier.

If you desire to have any specialty food items, please bring them yourself.

2. First UNMANNED satellite aid station:

  • Since this, and one other station, are UNMANNED aid stations be aware that water, sports drink and other supplies might run out before we have a chance to refill them. You MUST BE PREPARED FOR THE POSSIBILITY OF NOT BEING ABLE TO REFILL AND REFUEL AT THESE STATIONS between the Start/finish area and the Youth Camp.
  • Water
  • Sports drink: Tailwind Nutrition
  • Portolet toilet. There will also be restrooms in the visitor center by the Fort.

3. Youth Camp Aid Station:

  • Will have everything the main aid station will have.

4. Second UNMANNED satellite aid station:

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