Princeton Tec Headlamps and the Fort Clinch 100

Princeton Tec is a premier manufacturer of lighting systems. With nearly 40 years of experience, and hand built in New Jersey, they provide some of the highest quality lamps you’ll find on the market today. And at reasonable prices! I own two PTEC lamps, second and third gen Apex Pros, and they are the nicest I’ve ever owned. One of the things that sold me on PTEC is their Constant Brightness feature. Princeton Tec lights that feature regulated LEDs have a sophisticated regulating circuit that maintains initial brightness as long as the batteries have sufficient voltage. Traditional lights are very bright initially, but immediately begin to dim and continue to dim until the batteries are drained. I thought this was awesome.

With all the attention a certain European based company has been getting in the trail and ultra world, I was dismayed to see this smaller, but just as innovative, company being overlooked. I really wanted to give them some exposure and approached them at the beginning of this year about jumping on a sponsor of the Fort Clinch 100:PTECFBWithin a few days, they responded. They loved my ideas for the race and I hashed out some details with the rep over the next couple months. Now I’m excited to announce that PTEC is providing these awesome lamps as prizes for the top finishers in the 50 and 100 mile:

1st MALE and FEMALE- 100 Mile: APEX PRO 


275 Lumens. 4 settings. 173 grams. 35 hour burn time.

“When you need the power, versatility, and ruggedness of our Apex headlamp, but your adventures require a lighter weight, you need the Apex Pro. Over 100 grams lighter than our original Apex, the lighter and faster Apex Pro was designed with the unique and ever evolving needs of professional athletes and extreme adventurers in mind. The Apex Pro is powered by 2 CR123 lithium batteries protected in a highly durable and waterproof casing. Built for professionals, perfect for all users.”

2nd MALE and FEMALE- 100 Mile: VIZZ


165 Lumens. 3 distinct beam profiles. 150 hour burn time. 92 grams.

“The Vizz is feature-loaded with three distinct beam profiles easily accessed via a simple press, hold, or double press of the button. One Maxbright LED creates a powerful 165 lumen spot beam for long-throw illumination, a pair of white Ultrabright LEDs deliver a dimmable flood beam, and two red Ultrabright LEDs handle close-range lighting while preserving night adjusted vision. When not in use the Vizz can be locked to prevent accidental turn on, and the translucent switch acts as a low battery indicator. As with all of PTEC Professional Series headlamps, the Vizz is waterproof (IPX7) and is equipped with regulated circuitry making the Vizz lithium battery compatible.”

1st MALE and FEMALE- 50 Mile: REMIX


125 Lumens. 2 beam patterns. 200 hour burn time. 83 grams.

“The Remix is equipped with an asymmetrical single arm bracket, easily accessible battery door enclosure, and large push button switch. Combine these features with a simple & lightweight design and you have a headlamp built to perform in any environment. Whether your requirements call for long distance spotting, or close range area light, the Remix is up to the task with a combination of a single Maxbright LED and 3 Ultrabright LEDs. The end result; true versatility in a compact, water resistant, and self-contained package.”

2nd MALE and FEMALE- 50 Mile: EOS


105 Lumens. 120 hour burn time. 105 grams.

“One of Princeton Tec’s most popular headlamps, the durable EOS is an outdoorsman’s dream come true. With a single long-throw maxbright LED encased in a rugged, molecular bonded, watertight housing, the EOS is up to any challenge that a trail, work site, slope, or stream will throw at you. Four output modes (high, medium, low, and flash) allow the EOS to keep its regulated brightness while the batteries remain at optimum levels. The EOS is also available in the following models: EOS Tactical, EOS II, EOS Industrial, and EOS Bike.”

Whether you are looking for lights for running, climbing, cycling, tactical, scuba, or industrial applications, they have them all. Check them out!Wide

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